Notice of Publicity Week of Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law in Nanshan District in 2022


For propagating CARRIES out "LAW OF OCCUPATIONAL DISEASE PREVENTION and CONTROL", PROTECTING WORKER HEALTHY RIGHTS AND INTERESTS, OUR COUNTRY IS SCHEDULED TO 51 LABOR DAY a WEEK BEFORE every YEAR AS "LAW OF OCCUPATIONAL DISEASE PREVENTION and CONTROL" PROPAGANDA WEEK, THIS YEAR IS THE 20 PROPAGANDA WEEK. Sponsored by Shenzhen Nanshan District Health Bureau and undertaken by Nanshan District Health Supervision Institute and Nanshan District Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the launch ceremony of 2022 "Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law" Publicity Week of Shenzhen Nanshan District will be held at 10:00 am on April 27, 2022 at the Cultural Square of Sunshine Community, Nanshan District.

In this activity, Skyte Detection will provide relevant technical cooperation. Since Skyte obtained the qualification of occupational health technical service agency in 2012, it has actively participated in the publicity week of the Law on Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases in various regions over the years to help the prevention and control of occupational diseases.

The Publicity Week of the Law on Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases in Nanshan District vigorously promotes the Law on Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases and related knowledge through a combination of online and offline publicity. Online publicity has been carried out through wechat and QQ groups since 25th, and a series of offline publicity activities will be started after the launch ceremony on 27th. The publicity activity will play a positive role in promoting the awareness of relevant laws of employers in Nanshan District and the awareness of workers on the knowledge of occupational disease prevention, and effectively protect the occupational health rights and interests of the workers. ‍

■ Activity time

April 25, 2022-May 1, 2022

■ Activity schedule

April 27, 10:00-12:00 a.m

Nanshan District "Occupational Disease Prevention Law" publicity week activity launch ceremony

From April 25 to May 1

Nanshan District "Occupational Disease Prevention Law" publicity week activity

■ Location of the launch ceremony

Sunshine Community Cultural Square, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City

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